People working together to make something good, that's what it’s all about.

About Us

In Good Company

We have taken back the word “company”.

We prefer the idea of “company” as together.

We are building a system to resist, maybe even repair, this broken world. A place for all of us to stop complaining and to start doing something about it! We recognize that you can’t do it alone, that your chances of achieving everything you have ever needed to live a life worth living is increasingly probability when working with others.

Our fundamental philosophy is that our work is lifting others up and organizing a social group of doers and givers. It’s about creating a way for people to experience life, to enjoy its pleasures, to bring us all closer to our dreams.

Friendship, Companionship. Fellowship.

These are the values used to design freedom. It's the Design of Freedom.


Courage & Passion

Courage is found in good company.  A company of people that are passionate about encouraging each others passions.

Honesty & Integrity

Say what you mean, mean what you say, and do the same thing. It's a simple magic formula that makes relationships worth having.

Compassion & Love

Courage is found in good company.  A company of people that are passionate about encouraging each others passions.

Meet the Team

Raymond Kamille

Raymond has been to pretty much every state in the USA. He's a legit wizard and a high-speed optical transport engineer by trade. You've likely witnessed his magic at work without even realizing it, much like Nikola Tesla. I'd say he's forgotten more than most have learned, but he doesn't forget. Without him, this wouldn't exist. You'll probably never meet a kinder soul.

Taiiwo L.

Taiiwo, from England, is one of the most talented computer programmers I've ever met. He helped me build this, we planned video games in between. We even went skiing! He's also one of the best friends you could ever have. His mind is as sharp as a diamond, his heart is brilliant as gold. 

Joshua F.

Joshua, from Detroit, has a constitution like iron and a firm grip like water. The man can make anything mechanical work better than it did before. You will never meet a more loyal or brilliant friend. He's also a ninja...

Dr. Thomas Bongiorno, Ph.D.

Thomas, from Indiana, is a doctor of cultural anthropology  with intense experience in the culture of life. His stand for the arts is more than artistic, its genius. His commitment to the forces of good is empirical. The doctor is in the house!

DoF logo 3

There are those who give, those who receive, those who take, and those who put. Which one will you be? Over and out? Or above and beyond?

-The Design of Freedom Givers and Receivers Network

Build it, and give it away at cost- Transmission received. 

Above & Beyond